Offshore Entertainment Holdings Pte. Ltd

We, in OEH are the master key that will unlock the door into the exclusive world of entertainment that include superstars, mega events and scintillating shows and successfully managed by a Team of very experienced and capable personnel able to provide you only the best in entertainment. Our Team comes with more than twenty years hands on experience in the entertainment world and who have worked closely with and gone on tours with the international superstars and their support people.

We have been part of the very Team that have brought well known acts.


We are in the business to promote, stage, organize concerts and mega events that will keep the young and old entertained to the very end. Our experienced Management Team is fully equipped to arrange for popular artistes to Singapore, Asean and the world at large. We have in place a strong management team that have been widely exposed to organizing international shows and in doing so have worked closely with established and world renowned promoters, international agencies, production teams, sound engineers, reputed recording and show artises, crew both foreign and local alike. Our Team have managed and staged shows in countries and cities that include Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Sweden, Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Brunei.


Our Technical Team travels well ahead of the date of the performance by our Touring Artistes to ensure that all the necessary arrangements and ground work are all completed well before the artist(s) production team arrives at the location.

This advance party policy has been a critical factor productions both foreign and local as it provides our clients and artistes the security, confidence and guarantees that the performance will go ahead on the date scheduled per our commitment to them.

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